Fashion lovers of the world unite. The rental revolution is going global.

You’re stood in front of your wardrobe. You have pretty things. Nice things. Things that make you feel smart, put together, confident. But you don’t have that one thing. That one dress with extra oomph. With high-fashion fairy dust, that takes you from ok to amazing in one perfectly cut neckline or embellished hem. You need to look better than good. You need to look, show-stoppingly, head-turningly awesome.   

This is a scene that women are playing out all over the globe. Fashion problems aren’t bound by geography or language. Women everywhere dream of finding a look that unlocks their superstar alter-ego. They don’t want disposable fashion, they want a moment in the spotlight. So, it’s no surprise that dress hire has exploded in almost every country around the world. Dress hire isn’t just big fashion news, it’s the future. And it’s here right now.

We’ve taken a whirl around the globe to find out what dress rental looks like in every corner of our beautiful planet.  

Rent The Runway (US)

One of the very first designer dress hire services, Rent The Runway was ground-breaking in its approach to fashion. Providing beautiful looks, whenever and wherever you need them most. Offering a huge array of dresses, clothing, and accessories to customers across the US, they also have a revolutionary subscription service, allowing members access to a limited number of pieces per month. Renters can choose the more economical ‘RTR Update’ and receive four pieces per month or go all out with ‘RTR Unlimited’. We love the blend of high glam and everyday looks that Rent The Runway offers. Is there talk of a Rent The Runway UK? Not yet it seems. But don’t worry, you can always get your high-fashion dress hire fix from Hire That Look.

They say, “Access is the new ownership.” We say, “Where did you get that amazing dress?!”

Glam Corner (Australia)

Our fashionable friends down under are at the forefront of designer dress hire with over 5000 fabulous dresses available to hire on their easy-to-use site. With a spotlight on both homegrown and international designers in sizes 6 to 22, they offer renters a wide choice and super-fast delivery. Dress lovers can then hang onto their favourite look for four or ten days with the peace of mind of accidental damage insurance. We are big fans of their glam collection from Australian couturier, Alex Perry and their bump friendly collection aimed at pregnant fashion lovers. There is no Glam Corner UK on the horizon right now, but they are worth checking out if only to gaze at their epic dress collection.

They say, “We have something for everyone.” We say, “How do I choose?!”

Flyrobe (India)

India might not be the first destination that pops into your head when you think of dress hire. But this diverse and colourful country is at the forefront of an exciting blend of high fashion and traditional culture. Flyrobe has physical stores as well as an online space, meaning you truly can try before you hire. Right now, they cover all the major Indian cities, providing both traditional and western event wear for men and women. Whether you need a sari for your best friend’s wedding or a ball gown for a red-carpet event, Flyrobe has your back. They also have an epic bridal collection complete with traditional Indian gowns and more modern looks.

They say, “Own the party.” We say, “Give me some Bollywood glamour.”  

Dora’s Dream (China)

Dora’s Dream has been an epic hit with women in China since its launch in 2015, with a cool half a million users signing up to their subscription service. Users can choose how many items they want to receive per month, over a set time period, allowing them to receive the latest looks as soon as they hit the shelves. And with around 500,000 items to rent and more than 100 designers to choose from, it’s not hard to see why women can’t get enough of Dora’s Dream dress hire. The rental industry has gone from strength to strength over the last five years in China, for all sorts of services, and it seems like dress hire is at the centre of the sharing trend. Unfortunately, you can’t access the website for Dora’s Dream outside of China, so we are really are going to have to dream big for now. Just imagine the goodies they have in that gigantic online wardrobe…  

They say, “Dream Big.” We say, “When’s the next plane to China?”

Chic By Choice 

Chic by Choice was the dress hire European market leader until very recently.  Based in Portugal, they had a really wide range of glamorous designer dresses but also offered pretty accessories to finish your outfit off.  We don't quite know what happened to them but dont worry if you were a Chic by Choice customer. Hire That Look are here to fill that gap.  Get in touch, and we will be more than happy to help.

Hire That Look (UK)

So whilst talking about our friends across the globe, it would be rude not to talk about our role in the dress hire market and why we even thought to enter it in the first place.  For us, it's simple really.  We want women to feel amazing!  We are babies compared to our counterparts across the world, having only been in the market for a mere six months and what a journey it's been but we are only really just getting started.  The sharing economy is booming for everything from homes to music in the UK, so why not your clothes.  It just makes sense.  You don't want to be seen in the same outfit twice.  Especially not on Instagram, so dress hire is the answer to your prayers.  A different designer dress for each event, that costs around 10% of the RRP.  We even guarantee that your dress will feel and look brand new every time.  It won't feel like your wearing a dress that someone else wore, ever.  So it's just a no-brainer really.  So why isn't everyone doing it.  Well, the market is new in the UK, but it is set to be big.  So jump on it, and start setting trends.

So for Dress Hire UK, look no further. Step inside the UK’s best closet. Whether you want a dress for the races, for your next wedding or just for a night out - we have your back.


Millions of items of clothing end up in landfill sites every year, which impacts our lovely planet. Our mission is to help reduce this by bringing our beautiful customers the best dresses in the land, so you don’t need to buy them anymore. It’s a smarter way to shop, and we are sure you are going to love it. Together we can do our bit, and we can't wait to get started. We have worked long and hard to try and bring you a simple, premium and beautiful experience and we would love to know what you think! Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! xx

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