‘Incredibly Wasteful’ Fashion Industry - No to fast fashion and yes to fashion rentals future


This is just in from the HTL fashion frontline: landfills are officially out this season.  Dress Hiring is in.


Here’s why. It’s been estimated that the global fashion industry creates greenhouse emissions of 2.5 billion a year – and that it alone will have consumed over 25% of the world’s annual carbon budget by 2050.


So far, so not glamorous. It’s also been reported than less than 1% of the material that’s used to make clothing is recycled into new clothing and no less than a truckload of clothing is wasted every second across the world, ending up lining landfills instead of wardrobes.


That’s a lot of unwanted harem pants. It may feel a little overdramatic to consider that the cute Zara Bardot number you’re wearing is contributing to the destruction of our planet on a global scale – but unfortunately the realities of fashion today mean that’s just the cold, hard and wasteful truth of it.


Because fashion is faster than ever - in fact, it’s been reported that more than half of ‘fast’ fashion produced is disposed of in less than a year, thanks to far more new collections being released per year at rapidly descending prices. It’s costing the UK economy about £82 million in landfilling, and half a million tonnes of plastic micro-fibres are released into the ocean per year from washed clothes. Think of the fishies!


In short? Things need to change – and fast. Designer Stella McCartney has been particularly vocal in condemning the fashion industry’s environmental impact, and is one of few attempting to effect systemic change in an industry that is responsible for so much destruction. She’s said that ‘we need a new textile economy in which clothes are designed differently, worn longer and recycled and reused much more often’ – and at Hire that Look, we couldn’t agree more.  


As a society, we need to identify ways of slowing the breakneck speed of clothes production down to a pace that can support our ecosystem rather than destroying it, working towards a model where clothes are worn for longer, recycled more and designed differently. In fact, that’s partly why we decided to create Hire that Look.


Our mission at HTL is twofold. On one hand, we’re democratising designer dressing up by giving all women the chance to experience its magic and sorcery, minus the less than dreamy price tag that often accompanies it. We like to think of what we do as fashion fairy godmother-ing – but in reality, our mission goes much further (and deeper!) than that. We’re waving a wand over something far bigger than just your wardrobe – we’re trying to sprinkle the magic of dress rental over our planet, too!  Take a peak at our About Us to get to know us better.


At Hire that Look, we predict that dress hire will prove to be a major component of sustainable fashion in coming years. Why? Because it has the ability to engender the recycling and reuse of clothing, rather than the mindless consumerism and constant production of fast fashion’s current feeding frenzy. Dress hire means that a beautiful designer dress rental can be bought once and worn and enjoyed by hundreds of different people – ensuring a carbon footprint that feels more like a sashay than a stomp.  Dress hire will revolutionise how we approach fashion.  


Just think about it. If ten women purchase their dream Halston Heritage dress, that’s ten pieces of clothing eventually consigned to a landfill. But if those ten women instead choose to rent a dress – for example, by renting their dream Halston dress through Hire that Look– the environmental impact of that single dress will result as 90% less than it would have been otherwise (and those ten women still get to feel like a queen for the night – just without the guilt!).   We know it  You know it. Dress hire makes sense.


We want to see a world where more people than ever are considering the possibilities of dress hiring instead of buying, because it’s one of the most effective ways to reduce the mind-boggling number of clothes we throw away collectively each year. We like to think of the Hire that Look model as something akin to Airbnb for your wardrobe; you rent a dress to try on the lifestyle for an evening without the guilt or financial commitment it may take to own it outright. Dress hire is shopping, but smarter, and a joyful, guilt-free way to enjoy fashion at its most fabulous.   It’s never been easier - Take a look at our How It Works to see how simple dress hire really is.


All women deserve to feel like a princess from time to time, but not at the expense of the queen. Through dress rental Hire that Look gives you the opportunity to do your bit – and dress up while you do it.  Designer dress hire has never felt so inspiring


Dress Rental is glamour with a conscience or magic with morals – we’re just so happy you’re on board.   Now all you need to do is rent a dress and join the rental revolution.  Get started with the editors picks

Team HTL x


Millions of items of clothing end up in landfill sites every year, which impacts our lovely planet. Our mission is to help reduce this by bringing our beautiful customers the best dresses in the land, so you don’t need to buy them anymore. It’s a smarter way to shop, and we are sure you are going to love it. Together we can do our bit, and we can't wait to get started. We have worked long and hard to try and bring you a simple, premium and beautiful experience and we would love to know what you think! Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! xx