Time flies when you’re making history, and this year marks no less than twenty years since iconic Brit girl band The Spice Girls exploded onto the charts worldwide, transforming pop forever with their uniquely badass brand of girl power and unapologetically individual sense of style. Time magazine claimed the band to be “the most recognisable face of Cool Britannia’, partly thanks to their celebratory, true-Brit appeal (Union Jack Mini, forever in our hearts) – but also because Sporty, Posh, Scary, Baby and Ginger originated from a melting pot of areas as geographically and culturally diverse as they were.

But Britain’s spiciest export is really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the UK’s globally recognised fashion authority. From Vivienne Westwood’s gloriously punk aesthetic to Twiggy’s swinging 60’s Carnaby Street bohemia and and the Dior-swaddled polish of the Chelsea set, bold and uniquely British style is parroted and prized on a global scale.  Most of the time, it’s London that receives most of the love, and rightly so, but the fashion story definitely continues a few hundred miles north of the capital.

The true Northern style is bold and beautiful; fearlessly fierce and in a league all of its own. From Manchester and Leeds through to Newcastle and Liverpool, statement style, wit and a fresh, eclectic interpretation of trends is the Northern girl triple threat – and our history explains it! The geographic location of cities like Merseyside and Liverpool has historically meant that new music, fashion and culture has reached these areas of the country far ahead of anywhere else.

In short? It’s in our blood! The cities of the north have always preferred to lead than follow, and this pioneering spirit has filtered through to the wardrobes of our style queens today – embodied perfectly by culturally iconic Manchester. Leading the way for the manufacturing of clothes in the UK, it built the UK’s first ever steam-driven textile mill in 1781 and today (rather more glamorously) an army of cosmopolitan and creative women continue to confirm its status as a national power player in the style department (with a sprinkling of fashion frosting from vintage wonderlands like Affleck’s Palace and a double dose of Harvey Nichols, naturally).

Or there’s Liverpool; home to The Beatles, and quite possibly the UK’s best night out. The teeming metropolis has enjoyed a thrilling history of music and culture, but a walk around Liverpool town centre reveals a serious devotion to the transformative power of glamour too.  The iconic little black dress and a knowing sense of humour that cuts right through the sartorial drama as sharply as that famously whip-smart Northern wit.

As for us? Hire that Look HQ is proudly Manchester-based (and we’re born and bred northerners, too!). Living in this trailblazing city of commerce and creativity, we’re surrounded every day by women who inspire us with their powerfully individualistic sense of style and self – and we’re motivated and moved daily by their confidence, strength and sass. These women are the inspiration behind Hire that Look’s very existence!

Central to our mission is the desire for every woman to experience the power and magic of designer dressing up first hand. Whether they are looking for that little black dress, ball gown or what to wear to the races.  Designer dress hire should be accessible to every woman.  We’ve created HTL so you can dress like the queen you are, whilst feeling as empowered, strong and self-assured as royalty (just without the royal price tag).  Why wear something twice, when you can just rent a dress and send it back.

Welcome to your brand new wardrobe of the best and most varied range of luxury, established and up-and-coming designers in the land. Dress hire has never been so simple.  Get ready for beauty on a budget, delivered to your doorstep, for a night to remember – and a look no-one will forget. ;)  Get inspired by the HTL collection


Millions of items of clothing end up in landfill sites every year, which impacts our lovely planet. Our mission is to help reduce this by bringing our beautiful customers the best dresses in the land, so you don’t need to buy them anymore. It’s a smarter way to shop, and we are sure you are going to love it. Together we can do our bit, and we can't wait to get started. We have worked long and hard to try and bring you a simple, premium and beautiful experience and we would love to know what you think! Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you! xx